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NHP Consulting

New Heights Personal Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Customised Optimisation Plan for Business Growth

Collaborating at Work
Morning Rush Hour

Do you have a question to ask
or a challenge to be addressed?

We invite you to make contact if you need someone to

  • listen and act as a soundboard

  • offer a "second opinion" or different viewpoint

  • offer advice with no strings attached

Get your business on the path to optimal performance
Visualise -> Strategise -> Realise -> Optimise


Our vision is to earn the trust of business owners and leaders to act as "Trusted Advisor" and support the implementation of affordable, high impact, practical and sustainable interventions to take their business to New Heights.


In large organisations, the most common symptoms observable in an unhealthy supply chain are not found in the typical Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and reports analysed monthly, but in observing the employees. The employee frustration levels, work pressure and the number of spread sheets being maintained are the easiest indicators to the health of a supply chain.

NHP Consulting work to address the root causes to eliminate these symptoms by:

• delivering on-the-job functional supply chain and system education

• improving the trust and visibility between supply chain functions including suppliers and

• increasing the trust in the system especially with regards to master data and secondly process data such as dates and quantities on documents.


Looking at Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), there are countless businesses with the potential to perform significantly better but who goes unnoticed, suffer in silence and eventually die a slow death by not having access to much need skills and experience. 


  • Upgrade Readiness Assessment - Are you ready to move from SAP ECC to S4 HANA?

  • Business Vaccination - How to VAX your business against the next global event?

  • Hands-on Business Support – Who can advise on typical, practical daily challenges we experience using our ERP system and the integration with our business processes?

  • Supply Chain Health Analysis – What can be improved to reduce working capital and increase service levels?

  • Value Chain Optimization – How do one implement the findings from the Supply Chain Health Analysis?

  • User/Operator Education and Training - The system training our users received did not equip them for their jobs, are there programs available that could address this challenge?

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