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Specialised Services

NHP Consulting provide advice and consulting services through experienced consultants and partners in a number of business areas related to end-to-end value chain optimisation.


We have specialists with the passion to make a difference by sharing from their vast experience base.

NHP Consulting support organizations across ERP systems such an SAP ECC, SAP S4, SAGE, INFOR, ORACLE and MS DYNAMICS.

NHP Consulting is experienced in the optimisation of the full value chain impacting on the supply chain:

  • Sales & Operations Planning

  • Material Requirements Planning

  • Sales Forecasting & Demand Management

  • Sales Order Entry

  • Production Planning & Scheduling

  • Raw Materials Procurement & Supply Planning

  • Inventory Management of Raw, Semi and Finished Goods

  • Strategic Procurement & Vendor Performance Management

  • GR/IR Account Management (Goods Receipt vs Invoice Receipt)

Upgrade Readiness Assessment

Are we ready to move from SAP ECC to S4 and HANA?
We assess your readiness by looking at data and document housekeeping as well as the processes and practices employed by business.


Business Vaccination

How can we VAX our business against the next world event?
We analyse your value chain and make recommendations on how to reduce the impact of a global event on your supply chain.


Hands-on Business Support

Who can advise on typical, practical daily challenges we experience using our ERP system and the integration with our business processes?
NHP Consulting provide business support to organizations. This is not the support typically done by your system support partner. We provide the bridge between what business needs to make things work (users on the floor) and the technical and statutory requirements or controls needed by management and enforced through the system. This support help organisations get the most from their ERP System and this usually offered as support to sustain an optimisation initiative.


Supply Chain Health Analysis

What can be improve to reduce operating costs and increase service levels?
As “outsiders” it is often easier to identify challenges and opportunities in an organisation, we use this advantage and a systematic approach to analyze the full value chain within your supply chain. The findings are reported back along with a roadmap to address the findings.


Value Chain Optimisation

How do one implement the findings from the Supply Chain Health Analysis?
NHP Consulting has a proven approach to realize the cost reduction and service level improvement value opportunities identified during the Supply Chain Health Analysis. We are also open to a “risk-benefit share” option when delivering the Value Chain Optimisation initiative.


User/Operator Education & Training

Author Elliot Goulding said the following famous words:

Education and training often is one of the areas first impacted negatively when corporate savings are mandated. We believe this decision is in fact the most expensive decision one can make. We do however acknowledge that not all training programs are equal, and for this reason our approach is a hands on practical educational process. It is not merely a transfer of knowledge without relevance and skills development without practiced application.

We are not afraid to "get our hands dirty" working with people through educational programs in their work environment.

Regarding systems training, we do not believe in training people on "dummy" data or systems, we educate people on their live familiar data in their place of work.
We do have standard educational programs but it is always customised and tweaked to suit each clients needs.

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