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Supply Chain Optimisation
Business Systems
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Strategic Planning

Service Offering

During a survey conducted in February 2023, small and medium size enterprise owners where asked what the 3 factors are that in their opinion contribute most to poor performance of  SMEs.

The responses where insightful and the top three factors impacting SME growth are:

  1. Lack of capital and/or cashflow to maintain and grow business in the changing environment.

  2. The lack of a committed and skilled workforce.

  3. Marketing. The struggle and lack of knowledge to create visibility of our business in the marketplace.

NHP Consulting provide expert advice in nine business functions. We have specialists with the passion to make a difference sharing from their vast experience base.

Nine Service Offerings:

  1. Supply Chain/Business Optimization

  2. Business Systems (IT)  - Support and Optimization

  3. Asset Management & Maintenance Planning

  4. Production Management & Planning

  5. Strategic Planning and Coaching

  6. User/Operator Training & Education

  7. Organizational Culture Change

  8. Business Coaching for Small & Medium Enterprises

  9. Agriculture (Crop Planning and Management)

Supply Chain/Business Optimization

Every business has a supply chain which is the heart of the business which makes everything "tick"! The supply chain is simply about the flow of products and services from suppliers through your business (with relevant value add) to your customers. This simple process can however get quite complex and it is to the level which one employ the correct processes, mechanisms and tools that your supply chain are functioning. We invented none of these processes, mechanism or tools from scratch, but found the best way to get them all working together to improve customer service and reduce operating costs. The key is have all the functions in the supply chain liked/connected to make the dependency on each other felt and part of every decision.


Business System (IT) Support and Optimization

Business or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems are designed around, and incorporate best business practices and tools. Through our years of experience we realized that although organizations pay thousands and even millions  for the implementation of such systems, very little of the inherent tools, reports and available functionality are fully exploited to serve the organization and its personnel.

We made it our business to help clients get the most from their current systems no matter the "brand', the principles always stay the same.

We can help align practical activities and processes with the system functionality to create a state where the business system serve the business and employees rather than the business systems adding to the frustration and stress of employees. 


Asset Management & Maintenance Planning

Maintenance is often seen as an expense which should be kept as low as possible. Although cost needs to be kept low, the reality is that the reliability of an asset (machine, vehicle or building) is one of the major factors, if not the largest, to determine productivity levels.

Although "run-to-failure" is a strategy, it might not be the best approach and designing an effective maintenance strategy for your manufacturing concern would require expertise and experience to ensure your asset "uptime" is maximized at the lowest possible cost to ensure the highest performance of the asset.


Production/Manufacturing Management & Planning

Asset Management and Production Planning are often seen as competing functions. These functions should in fact be tightly integrated to get the maximum productivity and plant/asset utilization. Most systems have sophisticated production planning and scheduling tools but we often find that in spite of the available tools, planning is done in excel spread sheets. The challenge with planning outside your system is that none of the other functions like maintenance, procurement and sales have any visibility of what is required on the production line and what to expect to come of the production line.

Our aim is to always get as much of the work done in one system as the single source of reference to facilitate visibility to all functions in an organization.


Strategic Planning & Coaching

Executive/Business Owner support

Being the business owner is often a lonely position or place to be with little options of "advisors" to turn to for guidance or just another opinion. We aim to be that Trusted Advisor and introduce individuals with different backgrounds and skills to the business owner to consult with. Through the support program we introduce business owners and executive to powerful material available to improve leadership skill in them selves and their teams as well as building a strong skills base and dedicated team.

Life Coaching

Leadership development/ Coaching / Life mapping- A strategic tool to help develop your personal growth and the growth of your team. Stepping into leadership is both a privilege and responsibility. Life coaching will help you create a plan that will give clear direction and the necessary tools to continue on your growth path. A life map help gain a broader perspective of the goals you're trying to achieve and your progress in pursuit of those goals.
Our aim is to help create a balanced lifestyle, for you, your family and your team.


User/Operator Education & Training

Author Elliot Goulding said the following famous words:

Education and training often is the area, when budget cuts are made, expected to be the first to deliver savings. We believe this decision is in fact the most expensive decision one can make. We do however acknowledge that not all training and education programs are equal. Our approach is a hands on practical educational process not merely a transfer of knowledge without relevance and skills development without practiced application.

We are not afraid to "get our hands dirty" working with people through educational programs in their work environment. Regarding systems training, we do not believe in training people on "dummy" data or systems, we educate people on their live familiar data in their place of work.
Our education programs are always customized and tweaked to suit each clients needs.


Organizational Culture Change

Since most small businesses are run by the owner or visionary who saw the opportunity and have been "nursing this baby" over a period of time, few of the employees share the passion and vision of the owner.

The sad reality is that it will always stay a small mediocre performing business until the vision of what could be is shared by all employees. Without the shared vision, it will always be just a JOB to the employed individuals. Every person out there, when their comfort zone are being challenged ask; the question "What is in it for me?"

A culture change or a change in thinking is needed from both the employer and the employees to "grow the baby" to everybody's benefit. The benefit could take different forms from basic job security to shareholding and may options in-between. 

Our experts can assist in bringing this culture change into fruition.


Business Coaching for Small & Medium Enterprises

Since most small businesses are run by the owner or visionary who saw the opportunity and have been "nursing this baby" over a period of time, few of the employees share the passion and vision of the owner.

Being emotionally involved in every aspect of the business by the owner/s, could cause "blind spots" for the owner/s where they are unable to see:

  • market, environmental or technological threats to their business

  • new opportunities that arise but not 100% aligned with their current vision

  • internal practices hindering business growth

"Outsiders" to the business can usually quickly identify behaviors, processes, practices and decisions which might at face value be questioned as not being the "best" option, these are highlighted and discussed to consider alternatives to optimise the business.​

The aim is to "partner" with the business owner/s and or managers to support the implementation of agreed changes. The business implement the changes and NHP Consulting support the process.


Agriculture (Crop Planning and Management)

Farming is deliberately and symbolically listed last since it is not always seen as a "business" . "But is it not farming?"
Farming is in fact one of the most complex business models with the least amount of support available. These "Agricultural Business Owners" are often left to learn from experience, especially the smaller and weekend farmers. Effective crop planning & management, herd planning & management and asset maintenance requires experience and knowledge of the latest developments. We have experienced individuals available to advise you, yes we would love to walk the road with you.

Education & Training
Culture Change
Business Coaching
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